Thanks to all who participated in the Cowlitz County Fair Beer Division - Open Class. There were 65 entries judged and 36 registered participants, judges, and stewards. Fair ribbons are awarded based on points scored. If the entry scores over 26 points but under 34, that entry earns a Red Ribbon. If the entry scores over 34 points, that entry earns a Blue Ribbon.

Congratulations to the competition staff and organizers, the Beer Division display this year won the Superintendent's Award. This is a very special award that is given by the Superintendent of each barn to the best, most outstanding presentation. Thank you to Joan Frymire, Agriculture Superintendent.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
Blue(1st)Justin WestcottHello Summer IPA21A: American IPABrowns Point Homebrew Club
Hon. Men.Phil CammaranoRasenmaher Bier5B: KolschBrowns Point Homebrew Club

Winning Entries

Category 1: Standard American Beer (3 entries)

Blue(1st)Jorge RodriguezPP Pilz1B: American Lager
Blue(1st)Jesse FreeSight Lap Pilsner1B: American Lager

Category 2: International Lager (2 entries)

Red(2nd)Jeff Van BoxtelGlobal Lager2A: International Pale Lager

Category 3: Czech Lager (1 entry)

Red(2nd)Justin WestcottBohemian Pilsner3A: Czech Pale Lager

Category 5: Pale Bitter European Beer (3 entries)

Blue(1st)Phil CammaranoRasenmaher Bier5B: Kolsch
Red(2nd)Peter HandKoolheaded Kolsch5B: Kolsch

Category 6: Amber Malty European Lager (2 entries)

Blue(1st)Benjamin GundersonOKTOBERFEST6A: Marzen
Blue(1st)Phil CammaranoRauch 'em If You Got 'em6B: Rauchbier

Category 7: Amber Bitter European Beer (2 entries)

Blue(1st)Phil CammaranoAnton7A: Vienna Lager
Red(2nd)Lucas RucksSanta Krausen7B: Altbier

Category 10: German Wheat Beer (3 entries)

Blue(1st)Justin WestcottSummer Kick Off Hef10A: Weissbier
Red(2nd)John HockingSummer Hefe10A: Weissbier
Red(2nd)Trever BohlingHefeWyatt10A: Weissbier

Category 11: British Bitter (2 entries)

Blue(1st)Jon LauzonSet Sail Irish Ale11B: Best Bitter
Blue(1st)Tristan Mccoy
Co-Brewer: Kyle Jung
Atmosphere ESB11C: Strong Bitter

Category 13: Brown British Beer (1 entry)

Blue(1st)Tristan Mccoy
Co-Brewer: Kyle Jung
Bad Food Worse Weather13A: Dark Mild

Category 14: Scottish Ale (1 entry)

Blue(1st)Brian HaleMidnight Delight14C: Scottish Export

Category 16: Dark British Beer (1 entry)

Blue(1st)Brian HaleLate Night Delight16D: Foreign Extra Stout

Category 17: Strong British Ale (2 entries)

Blue(1st)Brandon Huston
Co-Brewer: Garreth Wippel
Ourgyle 17B: Old Ale
Red(2nd)Jeff Van Boxtel
Co-Brewer: Alan Graham
2015 Barleywine17D: English Barleywine

Category 18: Pale American Ale (4 entries)

Blue(1st)Lucas RucksHoney Blonde18A: Blonde Ale
Red(2nd)Marc SilvaSeth & Ashley Pale Ale18B: American Pale Ale
Red(2nd)Lucas RucksBraeLanCam18B: American Pale Ale
Red(2nd)Brian HaleKing Of The Jungle18B: American Pale Ale

Category 20: American Porter and Stout (3 entries)

Red(2nd)Traci LienhardWC Zip Tie Stout20B: American Stout
Red(2nd)Marc Silva
Co-Brewer: Brandon Passmore
Vanilla Stout20B: American Stout
Red(2nd)Benjamin GundersonAlmond Joy20C: Imperial Stout

Category 21: IPA (9 entries)

Blue(1st)Jesse FreePlush Suspension IPA21B6: White IPA
Blue(1st)Justin WestcottHello Summer IPA21A: American IPA
Blue(1st)Tristan Mccoy
Co-Brewer: Kyle Jung
IPA And So Can You21A: American IPA
Red(2nd)Marc SilvaTriangle Hop-Ense21A: American IPA
Red(2nd)John HockingBrew Sculpture First Beer21A: American IPA
Red(2nd)Jesse FreeGate Drop IPA21A: American IPA
Red(2nd)Brian HaleBig Brew Day21B1: Belgian IPA

Category 22: Strong American Ale (1 entry)

Blue(1st)Garreth WippelBabbling Troll Barleywine22C: American Barleywine

Category 23: European Sour Ale (1 entry)

Red(2nd)Tristan Mccoy
Co-Brewer: Kyle Jung
Statler And Waldorf 23C: Oud Bruin

Category 24: Belgian Ale (3 entries)

Blue(1st)John HockingBaby 40th24B: Belgian Pale Ale
Blue(1st)Trever BohlingCurly Sue24A: Witbier
Red(2nd)Bill Midkiff
Co-Brewer: Andrew Horton, Richard Warner
Hoi Ik Heet24B: Belgian Pale Ale

Category 25: Strong Belgian Ale (5 entries)

Blue(1st)Marc SilvaBelgian Golden Strong Ale25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Blue(1st)Bill Midkiff
Co-Brewer: Andrew Horton, Richard Warner
Golden "Gordon" Strong25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Red(2nd)Phil CammaranoSummer Saison25B: Saison
Red(2nd)Garreth WippelLa Bier De Saison25B: Saison

Category 26: Trappist Ale (3 entries)

Blue(1st)Jeff Van Boxtel
Co-Brewer: Alan Graham
2016 Dubbel26B: Belgian Dubbel
Red(2nd)Marc SilvaLeo's Ale26C: Belgian Tripel

Category 27: Historical Beer (3 entries)

Blue(1st)Jon LauzonSpruce Tip Pale27A: Historical Beer
Blue(1st)Lucas RucksBakertucky27A: Historical Beer
Blue(1st)Phil CammaranoRYEnheitsgetbot27A4: Roggenbier

Category 28: American Wild Ale (1 entry)

Blue(1st)Tristan Mccoy
Co-Brewer: Kyle Jung
Bemuddled Berliner Weisse28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer

Category 29: Fruit Beer (3 entries)

Blue(1st)Tyler DassowWatermelon Wheat29A: Fruit Beer
Red(2nd)Brian HaleTropic Melon Pale Ale29A: Fruit Beer
Red(2nd)Phil CammaranoSDQ29A: Fruit Beer

Category 30: Spiced Beer (4 entries)

Red(2nd)Walt ChristenSuper Spruce30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Red(2nd)Walt Christen
Co-Brewer: Victor Niemcziek
Patton Creek Big Leaf Maple Beer30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Red(2nd)Andrew BrownFall Special30B: Autumn Seasonal Beer
Red(2nd)Brandon Huston
Co-Brewer: Cally Huston
South Of The Border Porter30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer